Three Figures That Impacted My Life: $200, $300 & $0

Three Figures That Impacted My Life: $200, $300 & $0

Good Morning People,
As you know my wife and I run our own business. In fact, we run 4 businesses. It's hard work but all 4 are investments. These three numbers were impacting our lives in a major way. 


When I was younger I would spend $150-$200 on shoes just to look good. The shoes wouldn't turn me any type of profit. I just bought them to look good. Friends would love them and I would have bragging rights until they went from the new pair of shoes to the old pair of shoes. This would happen within about a month. Then I would do this all over again. No profit, no investment, and eventually no money. Believe it or not some of the biggest investors I knew growing up in the rough streets of Cleveland were drug dealers. Not sure if they knew but they were major Investors. This is going to sound crazy but here's the truth. They would invest money into drugs that would make them more money. Not only that, most of them wore the same clothes everyday because they understood the value of clothes meant nothing when running a street pharmacy. Don't get me wrong. They would buy expensive shoes but not before first investing in themselves. Honestly, I could take all of the drug dealers to one of my business events and in 30 mins teach them how to turn a little bit of legal money into thousands of dollars of legal money. The only differences when turning a profit in the streets vs the legal way is, the legal way is legal and it takes time compared to the illegal way in the streets. I know because I used to be a street pharmacist. Now I'm NGB by the grace of God and Son Jesus Christ.


Now, there's a rumor floating around that one of your favorite national artist is about to sell a book for $300. If this is true, I want you to first ask yourself, is this book going to be an investment, life changing, or just as good read? I want you to ask yourself, could you use $300 to invest in your own business? I'm not talking about using your $300 to go buy clothes or shoes. I'm not talking about using the money as a down payment on a new car. I'm talking about investing in your own business. Most people won't. Most would prefer to spend money on things that don't turn a profit or benefit their knowledge in any way. Those same people will complain about not having money and working for someone else. Most of my mentors (and I don't have but a hand full) are entrepreneurs. They teach me, rebuke me, and help me. They are all VERY wealthy in knowledge, finances, or both. A pastor once said, "hang with like minded people or people who are on a higher level than you. These people can help you succeed." If I told ANY of my mentors I was going to spend $300 on something, they would ask me, "how much is it going to make you?" Or" Is the information worth that much money?" These questions are coming from business minded people. Don't get me wrong, you still want to be a good giver. Give where you can, when you can, and when God tells you too. Just remember that you need to also put your money where it will make you money. Balance is the key!


When I was younger I had no problem using money I didn't have to buy things I couldn't afford just to look like I had money. Or to just have nice things.  I would confuse INVESTING in myself with spending money on things that wouldn't turn a profit. The $200 shoes was where I began.  Then when I got older those shoes became cars.  I was out of control.  But I thought o was investing in myself.  I didn't understand investment but I did understand fashion spending. Now, I'm not saying don't splurge on yourself. But I am saying when it comes to investing in self most people spend $0 doing it. What if you could invest in yourself and within a few years of hard work make hundreds and thousands of dollars working for yourself or even millions? Would you do it or would you just continue to invest $0? Supporting the business of others is AWESOME, but don't forget to invest in yourself and not just spend and splurge on yourself.  These two things don't make you money they cause you to lose money. Also, remember, most of the time if you want to start your own business it's going to take hard work.  I never said it would be easy running your own business. 

The Offer:

I mentioned earlier I could take street guys, put them in a business event, and teach them the legal way to invest and make hundreds to thousands or even millions of dollars over time (INVESTMENT). I could do the same for ANYONE. Doesn't matter the race or ethnicity. The question is would you be willing to accept the offer and INVEST in yourself and not waste hundreds of dollars splurging on things you can't afford with money you don't have?

Own Business + Investment = Hardwork

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