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“You don’t look like your past” yup that’s right; I sure don’t. Because I don’t look like I was in an emotional abusive relationship, I don’t look like I had depression, I don’t look like I felt like giving up on life, I don’t look like I had daddy issues, I don’t look like I experience anxiety, I don’t look like I had moments and feelings in just running away... the list goes on.. but I’m glad my past does not define who I am today !!! When I look back on my life, I struggled with confidence. There were many moments I use to feel so insecure in being in front of the camera; I will always find every excuse to hide my face. Literally every time I tried to pray or speak I always felt a muzzle over my mouth. I was never confident in how I talk, in my gifts and everything about me. But I am so thankful God has broken every curse against how I view my self & has given me beauty for ashes✨”




Meet Koryssa

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“I was involved with witchcraft half my life, entangled in addiction and married with a woman. I'd never gone to church, never knew Jesus, never even knew who he was and one day Jesus came to me and flipped my entire world around. I am free from depression, anxiety, addiction, suicide, trauama, witchcraft, homosexuality and so much more. I am on fire for my Lord and savior Jesus Christ and will continue to spread the Good News for the rest of my days!”



Meet Don 

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My name is Don Trotter, I am a Christian college student. My main goal in life is to number one be with God and spread His gospel! Right now I do freelance marketing and sales. I became right with Christ senior year of high school, I was doing the typical broken party kid stuff.