”If anyone is sincere and objective in their pursuit of truth,  they will not end up anywhere but at the foot of the cross”

I heard the above quote on a program I was watching a few months ago, and I thought, man this was so profound! I honestly sense that a large percentage of our society wants a piece of the cross, yet are not willing to take it all. You know how the corner of your desk or table can get chipped off, imagine a piece of the cross being chipped off, that’s the part people are picking up. It’s a piece of Jesus, a piece of the truth, and because they don’t have the full weight of that cross, they can still walk how they want, talk how they want, and put it down and pick it up as they wish. They can even put it in their pockets when it’s convenient. The imagery is that of a generation of people who desires to be spiritual while following what they deem as truth as long as it coincides with the things they’re unwilling to let go of. Sometimes we can lie to ourselves so much, after a while we will begin to believe it. So I want to challenge you today, are we seeking The Truth, or our truth? As the quote stated above, if we’re sincere and objective in our pursuit for truth, we will not find ourselves anywhere but at the foot of the cross. He says I am The Way, The Truth, and The Light. (John 14:6) The key word in that quote is sincere. Sincere is defined as being “free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.” If we are sincere, God will show us truth,He will show us Him, because He is Truth. There are a ridiculous amount of counterfeit truths out there, so it’s vitally important to be sincere and objective. Yes, there will be a sacrifice when choosing His Truth, but it is definitely a beautiful sacrifice.
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