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The Grind Of Working For Yourself


When I started my own business it required me to call friends, family, and associates. It required me to ask for support. This was very hard for me to do because I was the guy that told myself I would never have to ask people for support. I told myself that I would just get a job and never need anyone’s help. Well, guess what? I was wrong. Every single business I started required me to ask for help. When growing your business I think those who can adapt to getting ignored by friends and family reach their maximum success potential. These people have vision and know they will be successful. Not to take anything away from school but these types of people become millionaires without a degree. When my businesses were stagnate I had to do the thing I hated. I had to pick up the phone and call family and friends and ask for support. I had to contact people I wouldn’t normally contact and ask for support. Now, I didn’t always get the support but I believe there’s blessings when you put in the work. Even when the people may say no or ignore you. Long story short, when you get tired of working for people you learn to respect the grind of those who are working for themselves.

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