The Employee Mentality

The Employee Mentality

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Growing up, I was always taught to go to school, get a good education so i could get a good job. This is/was not bad information but there was an option left out of this. It should've went like this: Go to school, get an education so you can OWN/START your own business. Education is very important, but the type of education you're getting is more important than just taking random classes of topics you will never use. When we begin to look at education as a way to learn to own/start our own businesses, we can begin to love education on a completely different level.

One of the worse things about having an employee only mentality is that it's difficult (very difficult) to see ourselves starting our own businesses. On top of that, this mentality stops us from supporting new business owners. It stops us from seeing the vision of family members and/or friends trying for start their own businesses. Our minds tell us to ONLY support the larger/known companies. Our minds tell us that family and friends that are owners of their own businesses may be scams. Think about it, why is it so easy to support strangers, over people we've known for years? This is all because of having an employee only mind, which has been programmed in us throughout our years of school.

Lastly, it seems that when a business is considered Christian based, the money from that business MUST be supporting some type of cause or people won't support. But on the other hand the same people that won't support these Christian businesses will support companies whose money goes to God knows what, without asking what that companies money is supporting. In my opinion, this is due to only having the employee mindset. It's almost like bondage.

We must change our minds from an "Only Employee" mentality to a Business owner mentality.

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