Lies Make Me Happy And Seals The Deal

Lies Make Me Happy And Seals The Deal

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       Over the years I've learned that some people are more excited about a lie over the truth.  Or they are quick to positively respond to a lie over the truth.  I was one of those people.  I can remember hearing about things that were just to good to be true.  For example, I could be offered the best deal on the planet by the closets people to me, and they could tell me all of the ins and outs about the deal (being 100% honest) and I wouldn't believe it.  I would turn the deal down or make every excuse not to accept the deal.  Now, a complete stranger could approach me with the same deal, tell me lies, or not be 100% honest about the deal and I would accept it.


Why was I like this?  Why didn't I trust the truth over the lie?  


I believe I was like this because of my lack of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  My mind wasn't able to process a good deal(100% honesty).  My mind was so used to looking for scams that I couldn't see the deal not being a scam.  There was too much honesty given.  The truth became the scam because it sounded to good to be true.  To much honest information that I wasn't used to getting.  This made me think the truth was a lie/scam.  While the truth became the lie, the lie became the truth.  But the lie didn't share 100% truth with me.  The lie gave me just enough to get me into the deal.  The lie did its job of making sure it gets me into the deal no matter what.  The lie told me everything I WANTED to hear.  The truth told me everything I needed to hear but I wasn't able to accept it as real.  For me, the lie is what sealed the deal and the truth didn't.  

When the only thing we are used to are scams and lies we can become blinded to the truth.  From a psychological perspective if the truth sounds to good, our brains may process it as a lie.  But if a lie sounds just right, our brains are willing to accept the lie as truth.  Be careful and use wisdom. Just because it sounds too good doesn't mean it's not good.  Remember, for one Man to give up His life for the entire world seems to good to be true as well, but it is true. 


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