It’s Okay To Be You.

It’s Okay To Be You.

For the longest time I honestly did not know who I was. We hear it a lot. “Be Yourself.” But what does that really mean and how do we apply that? How do I be someone I don’t even know? How many times have we trapped ourselves due to this warped mindset? How long did we think we were being ourselves but we were actually emulating something we heard in songs, conversations, or saw on some kind of media, be it social media or television, or witnessed in someone else’s life? How can we be ourselves when we’re constantly bombarded with so many voices telling us how and who we should be? Whether indirectly or blatantly. I believe that we can hear lies for so long that we actually begin to accept it as our truth, and as a result of that, we’ve now adopted a false identity. That’s why it’s so vital for us to be careful about what we allow into our minds, because what goes in, comes out, whether we notice it or not. So if we’re trying to understand who we are, trying to figure out how to be really ourselves, there’s no better place to find that out other than the Word of God and in His presence. Be sincere, He will show you,you. I think it’s so amazing that we all have different finger prints. How amazing is that?! There are billions of people on this planet and not one of us shares the same finger prints? That’s just crazy! But it’s just a reminder that you are you, no one else can be you, and you can’t be anyone else. I just want to encourage you today to be you, but understand what that means. It means being who your Creator designed you to be. When I think of God designing us I think of an assembly line of products and on that assembly line the manufacturers determine what they want in each item, from the shape and color, to the functionality, down to the fine intricate details. God has given us each our own personality, skills, gifts,strengths, hair texture, feet size, etc. not sure about y’all, but people truly amaze me, how we’re all so beautifully different. God’s a great artist isn’t He? So today, let’s make a goal to be mindful that there are things out there that are specifically designed to attack your identity. Ask God if you’ve adopted a false identity and unknowingly embraced lies. If so, ask Him to show you who you are, who He designed you to be and who He called you to be. And ask Him to help you embrace it and walk in that. The very fact that God created us is assurance that He didn’t make a mistake.



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