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Have you ever had people pour knowledge into you and didn’t see results? Have you ever poured knowledge into others and watch them complain about not seeing results?  

Imagine a stranger sitting next to you on a plane.  This stranger is pouring tons of knowledge and wisdom into you that could make you a millionaire.  Not only are they given you the wisdom to allow you to be successful, but they are telling you how their business is a multimillion dollar business that allows them to give back to the communities and help others.  You sit and you listen all the way to your destination.  You get off the plane and you two go your separate ways.  This man just gave you the wisdom to become a very successful person.  You spend days and nights thinking about what the man said to you.  Months and months go by and the wisdom that was poured into you just sit in your mind as thoughts and you never apply any of it to your life to be successful.  You turn on the tv one day and realize that the man that you were talking to on the plane is on your favorite talk show doing an interview.  You lean in closer to the tv and at the bottom of the screen it says “CEO of McDonalds”.  You jump out of your seat in shock and realize that you were given words of wisdom from a very successful person.  The  CEO says, I meet people all of the time and no one knows who I am.  I give them wisdom and counsel on how to be successful and how I became successful.  But they probably don’t apply it.  The moral of this story is: 

“Great Wisdom Means Nothing If It’s Not Applied” ~Three Feet From Gold~


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