Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

The photo I chose for this blog is relevant, although it may seem completely irrelevant haha. This photo represents a photo that was taken of me and my very first purse that I designed, and ultimately sold. I’ve always been a lover of fashion, it’s one of the ways I like to express myself. I’ve always been quiet and reserved, (well at least around the people who don’t really know me, because my husband and close friends can tell you a different story) and it’s one of the nonverbal ways I speak. 😂 Anyway, back to the purse. It was my goal to create a handbag for Christian women that represented them. That’s one of the many  goals I wanted to accomplish within our clothing line. That brings me to my point of the day- we all have goals right? But, how often do we examine our “why” for our goals. Our “why matters soooo much y’all! When we examine our hearts, we will be able to see...Is it to outdo our friends? Outdo the competition? Impress our enemies? Be better than our aspiring acquaintances who’s trying to succeed in their endeavors? Get applause? If we’re honest, competitiveness is embedded in our nature. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and I stopped myself from saying something, because what I was about to say was to directly compete with their  last statement. It was pointless, and if I’m being honest, that was my attempt to appear better than my friend in that moment. It could be something so simple, things we say in everyday conversation..example- you’re having a conversation with your brother, him- “I don’t let my kids watch Disney, it’s too many inappropriate messages on that channel” then you say something like “Yeah, I feel you, that’s why I don’t let my kids watch Nickelodeon” knowing that your brother allows his kids to watch Nickelodeon every day of the week. It’s not the fact that what you’re saying may very well be true for you, but your motives in that moment wasn’t to say a true statement that you were passionate about, but it was to upstage your brother in that moment. This topic is so important to me, because God has showed me my heart more than once and what I see isn’t always roses and buttercups. It’s been ugly and eye opening. But He has allowed me the opportunity to be intentional and aware of my motives, in my everyday life. The reason I do things is bigger and more important  than what I’m doing. I can help one million people get out of debt, but if I only did it just so the world can say “that’s the lady that helped all of those families.” I’ve missed it. I can preach the gospel in every nation, but if it’s just so people can say “man, Bridget you are doing the work of the kingdom,” I’ve missed it. But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." 1 Sam 16:7
I know this scripture is talking about appearance...however, it shows us how God looks at our hearts. While we can fool people with our elaborate actions, Remember, He cares about our “why,” which is why  we should too. Let’s be intentional about the kind of people we want to be, not just on the outside, what people can see, but what God can see. It’s not necessary to try to constantly outdo one another, God has given us all very specific gifts, talents, and missions. There’s no need to compete for something that only God can give. ❤️
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